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EasyTrak Software
EasyTrak software is the next generation in client intake software, it is a robust web-based software. That has streamlined functionality so that you do do not have to be programmer to use the software. We take great pride in the fact that our customers are able to begin using EasyTrak software within minutes after installing this fantastic and time tested software. We assure you that a continuing research and development program will mean you will always have the finest Community Action software program available.
The Important Features of EasyTrak
  • Prints Quarterly and Annual CSBG & Head Start Reports
  • Prints Household Characteristics Reports
  • Prints Unduplicated-Duplicated counts
  • tracks budgets to prevent overspending
  • Flexible reporting by date, city, zip, code account number, site or worker
  • Referral tracking
  • Automatic computation of percent of poverty level
  • Computerized Client Intake Application
  • Prevention of client duplication: by Social Security tracking, by Vendor Acct. numbers, by address
  • Online help and tutorials

New Features of EasyTrak
  • Create your own custom reports
  • Custom Report designer
  • Multiple grant tracking
  • Enhanced search capability
  • Unlimited client capacity
  • Enhanced graphical interface
  • Enhanced charting and graphing feature
  • Easier installation and setup
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If you would like to order EasyTrak for Windows, just fax us a copy of your purchase order and we will send this dynamic program to you. You can start saving time and money immediately!
Here's what our clients say about EasyTrak....
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"I wouldn't even attempt to begin my grant year without using EasyTrak..."

"EasyTrak is so easy to use. I was always afraid of computers; not anymore..."